Monday, January 22, 2018

Man, 61, charged with trying to killing brother

...court wants case expedited since both are ailing

TWO ailing brothers came to court yesterday, with one charged with attempting to murder the other. The magistrate advised the prosecution to move the case forward before the health of either of the siblings became worse.

Defendant John Charles, 61, is charged with trying to kill Fleming Charles, 57, in May 2013. The matter was called before San Fernando Magistrate Annette McKenzie.

John Charles complained that he was unwell and needed a stick to assist him to walk, while Flemming Charles's daughter said her father was "not collective".

Police prosecutor Sgt Chanardath Jhilmit told the court that the charging officer, Constable Stewart, still had to get a statement from Flemming.

"Due to the severe injury the VC (victim) received, the complainant had difficulty getting vital information to put anything on a statement," he said. Stewart said that Flemming Charles was recently discharged from Mt Hope Hospital after spending months at the institution.

The magistrate asked Flemming Charles his age. "He is not collective as before and won't understand things being said," his daughter told the court.

She gave his age and also said that her father was discharged from hospital on November 20 last year. Flemming bent his head and cried.

The magistrate urged the prosecution to get the case off the ground.

"Before something happens to either one of them, let us get on with this matter," she said.

John Charles, who said he will be representing himself in the case, asked the magistrate to re-visit his bail. He said his children lived abroad and his only help was his friend who attended court for the matter yesterday.

The friend asked that Charles be placed on cash bail.

McKenzie gave a $40,000 cash alternative to the approval bail in the same amount that had been granted in the past.

The Charles brothers were ordered to return to court on March 17.