Saturday, December 16, 2017

Man collapses in court

AFTER hearing that he was denied bail on the charge of attempted murder, Akeem Williams collapsed in the prisoner’s dock of the courtroom.

He was taken from San Fernando Magistrates’ Court on a stretcher and transported by an emergency vehicle to the hospital.

Defence attorney Michael Persadsingh had earlier told Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington that his client had sustained gunshot wounds.

As he waited for the emergency personnel to arrive, Williams was heard making gasping sounds and also crying loudly from the dock.

Williams, 22, of Marabella, had first appeared in the Second Court on Wednesday and was remanded for his criminal background to be checked.

After he complained of feeling unwell, he was taken to the hospital and ordered to re-appear before the First Court yesterday.

Williams was recently shot in the chest and leg and was in distress, his lawyer said.

He was arrested on a warrant, Persadsingh said yesterday.

Magistrate Wellington read the charge that Williams attempted to murder Andy Bramble on January 30 at Bayshore, Marabella. Bramble was allegedly chopped in the head.

Williams was charged by Corporal David.

Last month, Williams’ sisters, Nandy Williams and Kay Greene, also appeared in court charged with the same offence.

Nandy Williams was placed on $120,000 bail, while Greene remains in custody.

Akeem Williams, the court was told, had two pending matters for robbery with violence and malicious wounding. Wellington denied him bail.

Upon the announcement, Akeem Williams collapsed.

The emergency service was contacted.

As he was led out the court, he was surrounded by police officers. Williams was discharged from hospital late yesterday and taken to Golden Grove Prison, Arouca.

He is to re-appear in court on March 6.