Sunday, February 25, 2018

Man dies after discharging himself

n No beds at Sando General

TWO weeks after discharging himself from hospital because he was not given a bed, a 59-year-old Claxton Bay man died while driving near his home on Monday.

Ramnarine Bridgelal, a father of three, of Macaulay Trace, was found dead after his car skidded off the road into a roadside ditch at Union Village.

An autopsy at the mortuary of the San Fernando General Hospital yesterday found that he died from cardiac arrest.

According to a police report, around 3 p.m. Bridgelal was driving his AD Wagon east along Main Road when the car went into the ditch.

Police and paramedics were called in but he could not be revived.

District Medical Officer Dr Permanand pronounced Bridgelal dead at the scene.

Bridgelal’s wife, Sheila Bridgelal, said her husband was a diabetic and suffered from hypertension, but had not been diagnosed with heart disease.

She told the Express that in April, when he attended the hospital’s diabetic clinic, instructions were given that he be warded. As a result, Bridgelal was taken to an area containing recliners, where patients are treated and monitored until a bed becomes available.

“He stayed for four days without getting a bed. He decided to sign himself out because he did not think it was making sense sitting there,” said Sheila Bridgelal.

She said two weeks ago her husband’s feet began swelling and he experienced shortness of breath.

“He thought it was arthritis. On Monday he went to the pharmacy to buy medication and on his way back he ran off the road and that was it,” she said.

Chief executive officer of the South-West Regional Health Authority, Anil Gosine, said yesterday he could not comment on the matter without proper information on the case.

“I can’t say anything about that because the information being given is the family’s version. This is something that they alleged happened a month ago. This is not something that would be investigated,” said Gosine.