Monday, January 22, 2018

Man drowns after two close calls


drowning victim: Indar Ganga

Mark Fraser

INDAR GANGA drowned during an Independence Day lime with family members and friends.

He was saved twice in the past from drowning by his wife of six years, Jessica Ganga.

She believes that had she been nearby on Sunday, she may have been able to help her husband.

Jessica Ganga yesterday told the Express that two months ago at a family gathering at Quinam Beach on the south coast, Indar Ganga got into difficulty while in the water. 

“He was already drinking water and I called out for help,” Jessica said.

Indar’s brothers were able to pull him safely to the shore.

She said a short while before this, her husband was at a pond near their home when he went underwater. Jessica’s cries for assistance again led to him being rescued by relatives.

Jessica, 26, said neither she nor her husband could swim.

She was not at the pond which Indar, 27, of Snail Trace, Scott’s Road, Penal Rock Road, dove into on Sunday.

She said earlier in the day, he was liming at his mother’s home while she was at work.

Jessica said when she arrived at her mother-in-law’s house, Indar asked her to go with him by the pond but she declined.

Jessica said there were several ponds in the area, dug for farmers to provide water for their crops. 

“My mother-in-law say he wanted to go in the pond and they (relatives) kept telling him no. He didn’t listen to them. He didn’t even listen to me,” Jessica said.

Indar left and family members followed.

It was a niece who told Jessica that Indar went into the water and while they saw his head coming back up, Indar did not re-appear.

A police report said around mid-day he dove into the water and when his body did not resurface after several minutes, a search began for him.

Officers from the Penal police station were contacted.

Jessica said half of the water in the pond had to be drained before Indar’s body was seen floating hours later, around 3.15 p.m.

The Gangas who have no children, would have celebrated their anniversary on October 20.

 Jessica said while they had not yet made plans to celebrate the day, Indar, a lorryman, was soon going to begin construction of a washroom at their home. Jessica said the material had already been purchased for the job.

An autopsy is expected to be done on Indar’s body today.