Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Man finds baby in plastic bag

A two-day-old baby girl was found on Thursday inside a plastic bag, at the side of the road, with cotton stuffed in her mouth, which was then taped and her eyes taped shut, at Upper Sixth Avenue, Malick, Barataria.

The child has since been given the name Destiny by a family who cared for her.

Destiny was discovered by 53-year-old John Julien after 9 p.m. on Thursday. In an interview with TV6 that night, Julien said while riding his bike he heard a noise and decided to venture near to the sound of the noise. At first he said it sounded like a kitten.

“I start to buss (open) bag, plastic bag after plastic bag. When I open it, I see that little baby. It had tape over the eye, cotton in the mouth. What happen now, the tape like it raise so the child could bawl,” Julien said. He said in his 53 years, he cannot recall crying as much as when he saw what was inside the bag. “I is 53. I never cry... I real cry. All now I still breakdown... I never catch myself yet. It go take me about a three days or four days to come back to myself knowing how I didn’t want to,” Julien said before walking off.

Julien says it was God who made him decide to ignore his original feeling that it was just a cat in the bag. He said a police officer who lives nearby came with a flashlight. 

The baby girl was taken in by the Alexander family, who gave her a bath, warm clothes and, most importantly, nourishment. A member of the family, who is breast-feeding, fed the baby—her first meal since being born, doctors believe. Destiny was taken to the hospital by police officers McKenzie and Galley, attached to the Morvant Police Station.

Police say if the parents do not come forward or are caught within eight days, Destiny will be placed in foster care. 

In an unrelated incident, officers attached to the Besson Street Police Station are investigating the discovery of a foetus in a filter at the Water and Sewerage Authority Sea Lots compound. A post-mortem is expected to be conducted on Monday.