Sunday, February 25, 2018

Man found dead in cell

 \\\\\ Arima

A 49-year-old Carapo man was found dead in one of the holding cells of the Arima Police Station yesterday morning and he died as a result of blunt force trauma injuries received at the hands of drug dealers last week Wednesday.

The man, Troy Pascall, would have been 50 in September, according to one of his close friends, Raphael Ramatali, who spoke to reporters yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre.

He said last week Wednesday some men in the area had reportedly stolen some money from one of the area’s dealers and had blamed Pascall for the theft. The dealers reportedly found Pascall and beat him about the body.

His relatives took him to the Arima District Hospital following which he was transferred to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex and the next day he was discharged.

According to Ramatali, however, his friend ought not to have been released from the hospital as he still exhibited signs of brain injury when he got back home. He said since the beating, Pascall often stared off into space and on a few occasions he wandered off from his home and had to be retrieved by relatives.

Ramatali said on Sunday morning he left his friend at his home at 3.30 a.m. but later that morning he got a call from someone stating that Pascall had disappeared. He explained that Pascall’s relatives then went to the Arima Police Station to report his disappearance following which they were told that he had been detained at the station as he was found wandering near the Defence Force’s Camp Cumuto.

They told the police that Pascall needed medication and that they wanted to see him but the request was denied.

Early Monday morning when the family went to visit Pascall at the station and bring him a change of clothing for his expected court appearance they were told he was dead.

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations.