Saturday, February 24, 2018

Man goes on trial for wife's murder


Murder accused: Shawn Marcelline

Donstan Bonn

SHAWN MARCELLINE who is charged with stabbing to death his wife of 15 years at the Princes Town maxi-taxi stand, went on trial yesterday in the San Fernando High Court.

Marcelline, 44, allegedly murdered baby sitter Juliet Victoria Cummings, 41, the mother of his three children. She was stabbed 19 times and had wounds to her face, neck, scalp, jaw, hands and arms. Marcelline, a pipe fitter, told police his wife was being unfaithful, but had no recollection of the killing, according to the State's case.

Justice Norton Jack and a jury of twelve and three alternates heard from State attorney Trevor Jones, that in May of 2003, an incident led to Marcelline leaving the home he shared with Cummings at Monkey Town, New Grant. Two months later, Cummings brought a matter of domestic violence against Marcelline but when she failed to appear in the Princes Town court, the case was dismissed.

In August 2003, around 7 p.m. Cummings was in a maxi-taxi in Princes Town when Marcelline entered.He began questioning Cummings over why she put him in court for child maintenance.

Jones said, "Suddenly the accused began pounding the deceased, his wife, about her face."

She was pulled from the vehicle to the back of the maxi-taxi.

Police later found her dead on the ground.

Although there was a crowd of people no-one had gone to her aid and officers later got statements from two people, the State is contending.

Inspector George went to Marcelline house the day after the murder and told him of the allegation that he was involved in Cummings's death.

Marcelline told him, "I see my wife yesterday by KFC and she tell meh I will have to live in jail because she put meh in court for maintenance and ah doh know what happen after that, but Petra (Marcelline's sister) them say ah kill she".

Yesterday Sgt Steven Maynard took the witness stand before the San Fernando Second Criminal Court. He said that he went to the scene of the murder and the following day conducted an interview with Marcelline at the Princes Town police station. The interview lasted about two hours.

Yesterday Maynard read the three page long interview which Marcelline did not sign. In it, Marcelline is alleged to have said that he and his wife had been separated for three months before her death and she had started liming at a bar.

Maynard testified that Marcelline said she was with the owner of the establishment, an ex-police officer, in whose car he had seen her. He allegedly told the police, "Is the worst when people talking and telling you, boy that woman horning you" before allegedly admitting that he had left home with a knife with a blade six inches long.

Marcelline who said he attended church told the police he had never been treated for mental illness.

The trial is expected to continue tomorrow with defence attorney El Farouk Hosein cross examining Maynard. Hosein is being instructed by attorney Annalee Girwar. Attorney Daneia Mayers is appearing alongside Jones for the State.

NOTE - At around 7 p.m. on Saturday 2nd August, 2003, Juliet Victoria Cummings was stabbed to death by a man while in the New Grant maxi stand at Nipdec Car Park Princes Town.