Saturday, February 24, 2018

Man in court on second DUI-related charge

...fined and disqualified from driving for three years

A MAN who faced his second drunk driving-related charge was disqualified on Monday from driving for three years.

Ravi Bissoon, 35, of Gasparillo, had his driver’s permit taken and was told he was disqualified from holding or obtaining the document for three years.

Around 2.13 a.m. on Saturday, Bissoon was stopped by police officers along the SS Erin Road.

He admitted to an officer he had a “few drinks” of rum, and was found to be 44 microgrammes over the legal limit.

Bissoon told the court, “I wasn’t sure I was so intoxicated.”

Magistrate Rehanna  Hosein reminded him he had faced the court in the past, charged with failing to submit a sample of his breath for testing.

“After the first incident, you didn’t learn your lesson? You didn’t see the importance of not driving if you are drinking?” the Hosein asked.

She fined the operator $9,000 and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver’s permit for three years.

Bissoon paid $2,800 and was given until May 2 to pay the balance or spend three years doing hard labour.

In another matter, Clyde Alleyne, who told the court he drank cough syrup before he had two glasses of wine, was fined $6,000.

Last Saturday, Alleyne, 58, of San Fernando, was approached by officers after his vehicle was found parked on the median of the San Fernando Bypass Road.

Alleyne was standing at the driver’s door.

Alcohol was smelt on his breath and Alleyne regis­tered a reading of 94 microgrammes—55 microgrammes over the legal limit—during the breathalyser test.

He told officers he had a high reading because he drank cough medicine for the cold, and also had wine.

But before the San Fernando court, Alleyne explained he had taken the medication 12 hours before drinking the alcohol. This prompted the magistrate to tell him his explanation for the reading after the breath test was illogical.

Alleyne was fined and, in default of paying the money, he will serve three years in prison.