Saturday, December 16, 2017

Man killed by bees in Mayaro

A San Fernando man who went to east coast Mayaro yesterday, died after being stung by a swarm of bees while picking fruit.

Clement Mahadoosingh, 55 of Vistabella, San Fernando was picking mangoes with friends in Mafeking when the bees attacked at around 1p.m.


Mahadoosingh stung multiple times and taken to the Mayaro hospital where he died while being treated.


Meanwhile, fisherman Barry Morgan 39, of Penal Rock Road, Penal reported to police that around 6:30p.m he was fishing about one kilometre out at sea in the Mahawar Basin off Palo Seco, when a white boat with four masked men approached.


Morgan said the armed men pointed their weapons at him and ordered him unto their vessel. Two of the gunmen then boarded his fishing vessel, a 28 foot pirogue with the name Silver Star written on the side, and sped off.


The other two gun men then drove some distance away and tossed him into the sea. Morgan swam to shore and reported the attack to officers at the Santa Flora Police Station.