Thursday, February 22, 2018

Man killed, friend injured

A 34-YEAR-OLD Guayaguayare man was shot dead and his teenage girlfriend left in critical condition after gunmen stormed her home yesterday.

Daud Abdullah, of Nurse Trace, was shot multiple times and his girlfriend, Vanessa Hepburn, 17, sustained a bullet wound in her abdomen.

According to police, around 2 a.m., Abdullah was asleep in his girlfriend’s home at La Savarn Circular, Guayaguayare, when the killers broke down the door to the house.

The gunmen went into the bedroom where Abdullah and his girlfriend slept and fired several shots.

Abdullah was shot multiple times and died almost instantly, police said.

Hepburn was shot in her abdomen.

Two other relatives who were in the house hid in another bedroom until the gunmen left.

Police and ambulance services were contacted and Hepburn was taken to Sangre Grande Area Hospital for treatment.

She was said to have underwent emergency surgery and is listed in critical condition.

Police said Abdullah had charges for gun-related offences pending in court.

PC Bachoo of Mayaro Police Station is investigating.