Saturday, January 20, 2018

Man seeks police protection: house riddled with bullets

A San Fernando man is seeking protection from police as his home was riddled with bullets on Tuesday night.

Keith Lalla, 64, was sitting in his living room when his dogs began barking around 9.45 p.m.

Lalla’s 28-year-old daughter was in her bedroom.

“I think my dog saved my life. I was sitting watching television when the dogs started barking. My burglar-proof gate was locked, but my sliding door was opened. I looked through the door and I saw a man standing on the road. He began shooting.” he said.

Lalla, of Funrose Road, said he ran inside and hid until the gunfire stopped.

Police recovered six spent shells inside Lalla’s home.

Lalla believes he was mistaken for his brother, who received death threats two months ago.

“My brother lived in the same house, but after he received threats, he packed up his family and migrated. The family left about five weeks ago. But I am here living my comfortable life and now I am caught up in this,” he said.

Lalla was unable to say why his brother feared for his life.

Lalla said he has since advised his daughter to move out of the house.

 “And I will go somewhere for some time, but I don’t know when this will settle down. I cannot migrate. I want to live comfortable here,” he said.

Police confirmed that an investigation has been launched into the shooting.

 “I am asking the authorities to help me. I need some kind of protection from these people,” said Lalla.