Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Man sent to jail for ‘hitting back’ wife

...Magistrate: Next time, report it

FISHERMAN Mitra Bachan yesterday claimed that a beating from his wife was the reason he attacked her with a chair on Mother’s Day.

In sentencing him to a month in prison, San Fernando Magistrate Rehana Ali told Bachan that instead of hitting, he had the right to make use of the same services as his wife, and she would have been dealt with by the court.

“There are ways and means of dealing with a situation like this. If you are in a relationship where your wife is beating you, you can call the police and seek medical attention and get a medical report. You don’t hit back.”

At around 7.45 p.m. on Sunday, the victim was at home at Cross Crossing, San Fernando when she got into an argument with Bachan.

Police prosecutor Sgt Krishna Bedassie said, “As a result of that argument, the defendant struck the victim about her body with a wooden chair.”

A medical certificate was handed over to Ali.

A report was made to Ste Madeleine Police Station and PC  Trevor Rampersad arrived on the scene.

The victim identified Bachan as the person who beat her and Bachan told the policeman, “Boss, you don’t know what going on.”

Before the court, Bachan said the woman had hit him in the head and he reacted. 

“She hit me and I hit she back.”

He alleged it was not the first time he was attacked by his wife as he was stabbed in his waist in the past.

Ali asked if he had made a report to the police or had a medical certificate to support any of his claims. Bachan, who said his head was swollen, admitted he did not.

He said he and the victim were in an on-and-off relationship since 2009 and were living together for the past seven months. His wife is 28 years and the mother of two.

Bachan, 32, also said he had ten previous convictions, including larceny, possession of marijuana, robbery with aggravation, assault by beating, and resisting arrest.

Ali said he had matters similar to the assault-by-beating charge he faced before the court yesterday.

Bachan was sentenced to one month simple imprisonment.

Ali told the wife there were no reports about her before the court, but should Bachan’s claims be true, she should conduct herself as a young woman and mother.