Friday, February 23, 2018

Man shot by police ‘nice guy’

 RELATIVES of a man shot dead by the police at Eighth Street in Barataria on Saturday described him as a nice and kind person to everyone.

The police, on the other hand, maintained that when 51-year-old Walcott Ali was shot around 10 a.m., he had two cutlasses in his hands and was threatening people. When he attacked the police they had no choice but to protect themselves and the public.

According to Ali’s relatives, “he lived all over”.

Police said officers of the recently-launched Rapid Response Unit were on mobile patrol in the Barataria area when they received a wireless transmission of a disturbance along Eighth Street.

Officers said they saw Ali, who was described as a drug addict, standing along the roadway with two cutlasses in his hands and behaving in a threatening manner.

The officers challenged Ali, urging him to put the weapons down, but he instead attempted to attack them.

 One of the officers opened fire, hitting Ali in the upper body.

A post-mortem done at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park on Monday concluded that Ali had been shot three times to his chest.

Ali’s relatives, who spoke to the Express, said that everyone knew Ali to be a handyman who had difficulty hearing.

They said when the police ordered him to drop the cutlasses he probably did not hear them.

The matter is being investigated.