Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Man stabbed to death after complaining to noisy neighbours

 FYZABAD father of three Kwasi Lewis died of multiple stab wounds at the hands of a man who attacked him after Lewis complained about loud music near his home on Carnival Monday.

An autopsy performed Wednesday by pathologist Dr Valery Alexandrov found that Lewis, a labourer with OAS Constrotura, was stabbed several times in the face and neck. 

Lewis, 24, of New City Avenue, was stabbed while he slept in his car parked outside the family home. 

Lewis, a father of three, had returned from Jouvert celebrations in San Fernando with his girlfriend, Ayanna Glasgow, sister Delana Hunte and other relatives when he confronted a group of people liming at a neighbouring house.

Hunte said the group was “playing loud music, drinking and playing cards” and Lewis told them to “mash up the party” because of excessive noise. 

Lewis went into his parked Mazda 626 and fell sleep and around 3.35 p.m., a man stabbed him several times. 

Lewis was later pronounced dead at Siparia Health Facility. 

Police said they have not yet detained the suspect, who lives in the village.

Funeral arrangements were being made for next week.