Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Man who robbed Ellis Clarke killed

A MAN who served three years in jail for robbing the nationís first President, Sir Ellis Clarke, was gunned down on Monday night near his Dibe Road, Long Circular home after he attempted to elude his killer by hiding in a derelict fridge.

Police said that at 10.30 p.m., Donatus Glasgow, 29, was liming with friends along Dibe Road when he was approached by a gunman, who he had an argument with earlier on.

Just before the man opened fire with a 9 mm pistol, Glasgow ran off.

During the brief chase, Glasgow saw a derelict refrigerator on the side of the road and climbed in. But the gunman found him and opened fire, killing the ex-convict in the fridge.

Glasgow was no stranger to crime and in 2004 he was sentenced to three years in jail for robbing Sir Ellis at gunpoint.

Glasgow had pleaded guilty when he first appeared in court charged with the offences, which occurred on the night of September 25, 2004.

He admitted that he and other persons went to Pine Grove Villas, Golf Course Road in Maraval, where they robbed Sir Ellis of his Audi A4 and $1,200, as well as his chauffeur Keith Bastaldo of a cellphone and cash, and security guard Roger Ray Lewis of his wallet, watch, cigarettes and cigarette lighter.

Sir Ellisí neighbour Sonya Raffoul was also robbed of $200.

The men escaped, but days later they were arrested and charged with the offences. óGyasi Gonzales