Friday, December 15, 2017

Man cries as he gets 2 months

...for ganja instrument


THE DEVICE: Attorney Subhas Panday displays the bong outside the San Fernando Magistrates' Court on Monday. —Photo: TREVIOR WATSON

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A MAN who two weeks ago appeared before the court charged with a marijuana related offence, was on Monday jailed for having a device adapted to smoke the illegal drug.

Sastri Govindass, 24, of Williamsville cried as he was led out the court to begin serving his two-month sentence.

Relatives seated in court also wept.

Earlier, defence attorney Ainsley Lucky said his client used the marijuana because he was experiencing stress on his job.

He also said Govindass, a garden and mason, was sorry for his actions.

But the court heard that two weeks ago, Govindass was before another court charged with possession of marijuana and he was fined $1,200.

On Monday, Govindass pleaded guilty to having the device.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Gordon Maharaj told the court that last Friday, Govindass home was searched and the device, known as a bong, was found in his bedroom.

He was charged by Corporal Mahindra Gadoo of the Gasparillo Police Station

But Govindass said that the instrument, which included a bottle with an eight-inch hose, was found in the garbage by the officers.

Magistrate Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds said that the device looked rather clean for it being found on a rubbish heap.

The magistrate said it was clear the last sentence did not sufficiently deter Govindass from re-offending and she jailed him for two months.

She suggested to Govindass that if he had an addiction there were places that offered services, some free of charge, that could assist him.