Saturday, February 24, 2018

Manning can't walk without help

DESPITE positive reports from his San Fernando East Constituency office, former Prime Minister Patrick Manning is unable to walk without help, or speak clearly, 12 days after he suffered a stroke at his home in San Fernando.

This, according to medical specialists treating Manning.

The Express was told that Manning has shown signs of improvement and continues to undergo physiotherapy treatment at the San Fernando General Hospital.

One medical expert said: "He remains in a stable condition and has shown some improvement. He has improved in his leg movement and speech. His treatment continues, especially his physiotherapy which is extremely important at this time."

Manning was admitted to the public health facility two Mondays ago. His wife, Hazel, hosted a press conference three days later, saying her husband was sitting on his own and asking about the nation's development.

The San Fernando East Member of Parliament began eating solid foods and appears to understand what is being said, the Express was told.

And supporters continue to gather at his office at Coffee Street, San Fernando, to keep prayer vigils.

Hospital officials said Manning's visitors continue to be restricted to his immediate family.

Opposition leader Dr Keith Rowley attempted to visit Manning but was told that doctors were working on him and he was asleep.

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar said she would not visit Manning until his doctors advise that visitors were allowed. Persad-Bissessar said she would keep in contact with Manning's family via telephone.

A stroke is defined as the sudden death of some brain cells due to a lack of oxygen when the blood flow to the brain is impaired by blockage or rupture of an artery to the brain. The most common symptom is weakness or paralysis of one side of the body with partial or complete loss of voluntary movement or sensation in a leg or arm. There can be speech problems and weak face muscles.