Monday, February 19, 2018

Manning heads to Cuba for check-up


flying out: Patrick Manning

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San Fernando East Member of Parliament and former prime minister Patrick Manning will travel to Cuba with his wife Hazel Manning today for his annual medical check-up. Speaking briefly by phone with the Sunday Express yesterday afternoon, Hazel confirmed her husband's trip to Cuba.

"It's just for a normal, annual medical check up," she said.

The couple will leave today and return home on Friday.

Manning has been receiving medical treatment from Cuban doctors since 1998, the year he underwent surgery in Cuba to repair leaking heart valves.

He returned to Cuba in 2004 to have a pacemaker implanted and again in 2008 to remove a malignant tumour in his left kidney.

Manning, who had his last medical check-up in Cuba on May 16, 2011, suffered a stroke on January 23 and was flown to the United States a few days later where he received treatment at a hospital in Washington, DC for several months.