Sunday, February 18, 2018

Manwaring sent message for wife


Detective Constable Nicholas Phillip, at a relative's home in San Fernando last night - Photo by DAVE PERSAD

Dave Persad

WHEN taken to the San Fernando General Hospital on Tuesday, mortally wounded Police Sgt Hayden Manwaring asked his colleagues to tell his wife to take good care of their two children.

He died five hours later.

The Express yesterday learnt Manwaring and Constable Nicholas Phillip had left the San Fernando CID to purchase computer equipment when they received a wireless report of a robbery. The officers followed a tip to Butler Street, off the Gulf View Link Road, where they cornered the four suspects who were in a white AD wagon.

The Express was told the men were ordered to remain in their vehicle, but three opened the doors.

It was then that Manwaring's gun was taken and he was shot along with Phillip.

Manwaring reportedly looked at his chest and said, "Phillip, like I get shoot."

Manwaring fell into the suspects' vehicle, and the driver was ordered to drive to the San Fernando General Hospital, while Phillip followed in the police vehicle, calling for back-up.

Phillip, who spent several hours yesterday meeting with senior officers, was said to be deeply traumatised. óNikita Braxton-Benjamin