Monday, February 19, 2018

Maracas man sent back to prison

Accused of killing son, 1: he spends 28 days in St Ann’s...

ALLAN THOMAS, the man accused of murdering his one-year-old son last November, was sent back into prison custody yesterday after spending 28 days at St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital.

Thomas was remanded to Golden Grove Prison by Senior Magistrate Cheryl-Anne Blake after a medical report from the health institution was presented to the court.

The contents of the report, however, were not made public when the matter came up for hearing at the Tunapuna Magistrates’ Court.

Thomas is accused of murdering Jacob Monroe on a date unknown between November 18 and 21 at his Santa Rita Trace, Maracas Valley, St Joseph home.

He is also accused of attempting to commit suicide by allegedly slitting his own wrist.

When he first appeared in court on December 3, defence attorney Fareed Ali had made an application to have Thomas sent to St Ann’s hospital but Blake ruled against the request. 

This was after the police prosecutor indicated to the court that a preliminary report of Thomas’s mental condition, which was done at Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex at Mt Hope, where he was treated for the injury to his wrist, would have been available later that week.

However, when the matter was recalled on December 6, the report was not made available, resulting in Ali renewing his request to have Thomas sent to St Ann’s, which was granted by the magistrate.

During yesterday’s hearing, Ali told the court that between December 3 and 6, while Thomas was in prison custody, he received threats from other inmates.

He asked that the court make an order to have special arrangements at the prison in order to protect his client, but the request was not entertained.

Blake said she did not have the authority to make such an order, stating that prison authorities were the ones responsible for housing inmates.

Ali also raised the issue of the lengthy period of time it took for officers to contact the Legal Aid Board in order for Thomas to be represented by an attorney following his arrest on November 19.

The attorney stated that the Legal Aid Board was only contacted on November 29.

This, he said, was unacceptable as under law, anyone suspected of committing murder had the right to an attorney in the shortest possible time.

On a prior occasion, Ali asked that the officer who laid the charges to present documents stating on what date between November 19 and 29 his client became a murder suspect.

Those documents were to be presented yesterday, but the officer was not present after he was said to be experiencing difficulties with his vehicle. The matter will resume on February 3.