Tuesday, January 23, 2018

...Marchan ‘not cleared’ to speak on behalf of programme

The Ministry of Sport yesterday said Ruth Marchan had no authority to speak on behalf of the LifeSport programme, as it was not formally under her purview in the minist­ry.

“As Assistant Director, Physical Education and Sport, Ms Marchan is responsible for the planning, direction and coordination of the programmes undertaken by the unit, which involves preparing draft recommendations on policy, annual programmes of activity, collaborating with and advising National Governing Bodies (NGBs) on the development and management of the various sporting disciplines and the supervision of staff engaged in related work.

“It is in this context that Ms Marchan is not designated as a spokesperson and is therefore not authorised by the ministry to speak to the media or in any public forum about the Life­Sport programme. Such authority rests with the LifeSport Director, Mr Cornelius Price,” the release read.

Investigations were yesterday continuing into the death of Marchan’s bodyguard, 42-year-old Curtis “Tallman” Gibson, who was shot dead on Thursday morning while lying in bed with his wife at their Malabar home.

Marchan had hired Gibson as her bodyguard after allegedly receiving death threats.

When contacted yesterday, police sour­ces said they were pursuing several key leads and were moving forward with their investigations, but no one had been held for the killi­ng.

Police sources also reaffirmed Gibson was employed at the Public Transport Service Commission (PTSC), Port of Spain, for over 12 years.

But the officers also reiterated it was possible for the 42-year-old man to have other sources of income on the side.