Saturday, December 16, 2017

Marlene: Two wrongs can't make a right

Teen killed by cops in Laventille


CONCERNED: Member of Parliament for Port of Spain South, Marlene McDonald, listens to Dillon Skeete at Desperlie Crescent, Laventille, yesterday. The MP visited the family of 19-year old Kishawn Daniel, inset, who was killed on Saturday by police. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE

Mark Fraser

MEMBER of Parliament for Port of Spain South Marlene McDonald yesterday said “two rights don’t make a wrong” as she expressed concern about the spate of police killings taking place in the country recently.

McDonald made the statement yesterday as she visited the family of Kishawn Daniel, this country’s latest victim of a police shooting. There have been 30 for the year so far. McDonald said she will be writing to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) to launch an internal investigation into Daniel’s killing.

“It raises it a bigger issue for me this killing by the police and the many killings over the last six months and I will tell you, I am concerned,” she said.

McDonald referred to a statement made recently by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar that it was time to “unleash the dogs of war”.

McDonald said this statement has coincided with the recent spike in police killings

Half of this year’s police killings occurred in the last two months.

“I as an individual and as a member of parliament I am concerned over the recent killings of young men in the hot spot areas and I will tell you why. Sometimes I listen to what leaders say and even if it is perception, because somewhere I read where perception could be reality, and the perception I have when the honourable prime minister can say to this country ‘we will unleash the dogs of war’ I want an explanation for that because you see in my simplistic mind and the simplistic minds of other people you can find a synergy between what she said and what is happening,” she said.

“I do not and never will endorse and uphold criminal activity I will not endorse bad behaviour but I am saying that there is a way you can deal with the young persons in our constituency and our various hot spots because they are the ones that deemed here the hotspots,” McDonald said.

“If you come into the area and find antagonism you cannot respond with antagonism two wrongs don’t make a right. One has to temper it, whatever it is,” she said. McDonald it is her perception that the government’s inability to deal with crime has caused them to adopt a shoot on sight policy.

“I am getting the perception that you can’t deal with crime so you policy is shoot on spot. No you cant go down that road, I am not saying this is the reality but this the perception. There has to be a more holistic approach,” she said.

McDonald has signalled her intention to pay for Daniel’s funeral.