Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mayor: I will end contracts of reckless PoS wrecker owners

Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee has said he will be terminating the contracts of wrecker owners by Monday if they continue with reckless behaviour.

Both Tim Kee and Deputy Mayor Keron Valentine announced there will be “zero tolerance on illegal wrecking” during the Port of Spain Corporation statutory meeting at City Hall, Knox Street, Port of Spain, yesterday. Among those present were chief executive officer (CEO) Winnifred David.

Tim Kee told the Express: “I don’t bluff. I told them I will be terminating them by Monday. It is a hustle. There will be zero tolerance on wrecking service. It has been less than acceptable. Many people have experienced it. They have had some bad experiences.”

He added: A councillor had to drive his car in front of a wrecker to stop it. He turned the engine off until the wrecker put down the man’s car. I had a meeting with three of them.”

The mayor said: “We have gotten a constant barrage of complaints. My tolerance was exhausted. I had a meeting with the police and the wrecker operators. I told them there would be serious consequences like the termination.”

Tim Kee said: “I told the wrecker people nobody could instruct them to do wrong. I am holding them responsible, if there is a continuation, I will put an end to their contract.”

At yesterday’s meeting, Valentine said: “For some strange reason we have lost our way in this venture and the wrecker has been the talk of the town. They are a nuisance in the eyes of the average citizen.”