Sunday, December 17, 2017

Mayor, council pass no-confidence motion against city engineer

San Fernando

A no-confidence motion against San Fernando city engineer Ramesh Sookdeo was voted unanimously by San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein and members of the city council yester­day.

Speaking at the council’s statutory meeting at the San Fernando City Hall, Hosein said Sookdeo had many questions to answer, some concerning projects and contracts.

Sookdeo was accused of awarding 36

contracts without council approval for construction works at Skinner Park totalling $2.6 million.

Sookdeo’s absence from the monthly meeting angered Hosein, who said he will not tolerate any disrespect to his office and administration. “Disrespect I am not going to tolerate while I’m sitting in this office,” he said.

The mayor also revealed a sworn affi­davit from a resident and a receipt of $6,000 paid to the city engineer for building plans. He said, “I have a sworn affidavit here from a member of public where the city engineer drew plans. I have better than that, I have a receipt”.

Shaka Joseph, councillor for Mon Repos/Navet, asked for the motion of no-confidence, which was agreed by all council members.

Joseph stood before council

members and asked for a motion of no-confidence to be moved against the city

engineer as he heard

evidence brought to the meeting.

He said, “I don’t understand, we have proper proof that the city engineer draw a plan for a resident of the city of San Fernando. I would like to move a motion of no-confidence in the city engineer”.

Hosein addressed the chief executive officer, Indrajit Singh. “Mr CEO, I don’t know how you going to deal with the city engineer or how many plans he has been drawing, which is a conflict of interest.”

Hosein said he had asked numerous times for a report to be made by the engineering department, which he has not received.

He said there were several ille­gal structures in San Fernando which need to be torn down.

He said, “Corruption and dereliction of duty is the order of the day in San Fernando and this country.”