Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mayor praises incident-free Jouvert at Borough Day

 POINT FORTIN Mayor Clyde Paul said he was pleased with yesterday morning’s Jouvert celebrations, held as part of the two-week-long borough festivities.

Paul told the Sunday Express, “Police have not officially reported to me but I haven’t heard anything about violence or anything like that. What I’m hearing, things passed off very smoothly.... People behaved themselves and enjoyed themselves.”

Paul said there may have been one inci­dent where a person may have been stabbed or chopped. But, he said, it may have been a “crime of passion”, unrelated to the event.

Point Fortin police said they had no reports of anyone being injured at yester­day’s festivities or of any stabbing in the area.

The Sunday Express was told ten people were arrested for fighting and they are ex­pec­ted to appear before a magistrate tomorrow.

Paul commended the Police Service and, also, those who attended the event.

He said he was looking forward to today’s activities, to be held at the Clifton Hill Beach facilities.

At Point Fortin’s 2013 Jouvert celebra­tions, Wayne Jackson was shot and killed and there was an early end to the revelry.