Sunday, February 18, 2018

Mayor promises big upgrade for Park

THE samaan trees at Skinner Park in San Fernando are infested with parasites and are dying, according to San Fernando Mayor Kazim Hosein who said Wednesday the trees would be sprayed with insecticide.

Getting rid of the insects was just one of the many things requested by users of the largest park in the city during a public consultation held last week.

The consultation held at the park was hosted by the San Fernando City Corporation and chaired by Hosein.

Requests included the repaving of the jogging track and netball court, safety equipment on the cycling track,  building a cricket pitch, proper fencing, improved signage and construction of band stands.

The public also asked for the lights to remain on longer and an area designated to pay tribute to sporting heroes.

Another issues raised was the level of noise during cultural shows and events not sport related.

One resident said: “Increased noise levels are inevitable, living in such proximity to Skinner Park, but if the noise levels could be lowered and cut off time for events were earlier, this would help, as the surrounding areas are primarily made up of an elderly population.”

The Southern Football Association complained that due to the poor maintenance of the ground, the park was no longer used for the Pro League.

Hosein said all requests will be met.

He said a committee was set up the day after the consultation with representatives from the various sporting disciplines. Members are  expected to attend the first meeting on September 2.

Hosein said: “They will make the decisions and we will implement it. It is nothing hard. It is nothing that we can’t do. It is not costly. There is the funding for it.”

The chair of the committee will be someone who does not have a direct role in the committee, Hosein said.