Thursday, December 14, 2017

Members of PSC expected to seek answers from CoP

The issue of the Flying Squad and the speculation surrounding whether it was revamped or not is likely to be raised by at least one of the members of the Police Service Commission (PSC) when the body meets Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams tomorrow.

Sources told the Express the Commission, which as an independent body under the Constitution with oversight over the Commissioner, "will naturally be concerned about a matter about the Flying Squad and all the speculation surrounding it".

"It is likely that the matter would be raised by at least one of the Commissioners," the source stated.

The source added that the issue was a "serious public interest matter".

The Police Service Commission will be meeting the Acting Commissioner tomorrow as part of the appraisal exercise.

"And as part of its appraisal exercise the matter of the Flying Squad as an aspect of crime management will very likely be raised with him."

The source said the Commission would also want to share with Williams serious public concerns over the crime situation and to find out from him what his policies were within the law.

The Commission has held several meetings with Williams as part of the consultation process.

But the appraisal is coming to an end, "so this meeting is part of the consultation process", the source said.

The issue of whether a Flying Squad has been operating and whether it had been revived at the request and with the support of the Ministry of National Security has been occupying public attention over the past three weeks.

Former Flying Squad member Mervyn Cordner has insisted that the unit was revived in July last year, just one month after National Security Minister Jack Warner said he would explore the possibility of bringing back a "sanitised" version of the Flying Squad.

Warner has since repeatedly denied that such a unit exists.

However, questions continue to be raised, such as why did National Security Operations Centre director Garvin Heerah facilitate the provision of vehicles to Cordner.