Sunday, December 17, 2017

Metro nightclub loses liquor licence

Metro nightclub has been prohibited from selling alcohol.

However, patrons will be allowed to purchase alcohol as they sit and have a meal at the adjoining “Dream” restaurant.

The three-member licensing committee, which included Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington, yesterday ruled on the granting of the business place’s dancehall licence and special restaurant licence. Both are interconnected.

Over the past weeks, several objectors living along Hosein Avenue, Gulf View, La Romaine gave evidence before the court of experiencing sleepless nights and stress from the noise coming from the nightclub at Gulf View Link Road, La Romaine.

Wellington said that the committee, sitting in the San Fernando Magistrates’ Court, had ruled in favour of the objectors.

He said the committee had no problem with the restaurant operating, but the feting had to stop.

The option was given for owner Rajesh Chhita to surrender the dancehall licence, and the special restaurant licence would be granted, or for the dancehall licence to remain and a restaurant licence be allowed.

Attorney Subhas Panday said his client was not willing to surrender the dancehall licence.

The committee ruled that the special restaurant licence was refused and the restaurant licence was granted.

Chhita was represented by Panday and attorneys Keith Scotland and Sherize Khan.

Senior Counsel Ernest Koylass, Ravi Rajkumar and Debbie Roopchand represented the objectors.

Koylass told the court they were unaware of a dancehall licence being in existence.

Speaking to reporters, he said, should the establishment continue to operate in the manner that affects residents, he would make an application for the dancehall licence to be revoked. 

Scotland said the application for the renewal of the licence had been before the court since February.

“This meant that the objectors had us closed down for five months. This can’t, in a properly running system, be fair,” he said.

Directors of the establishment, Mark Pollonais and Sashi Pooran, sat in the public gallery during the matter.