Monday, February 19, 2018

Minister unhappy with landfill management

 ENVIRONMENT Minister Ganga Singh said yesterday he is unhappy with the daily management of the Beetham landfill.

Singh, speaking to the Express via telephone, said more resources must be pumped into modernising waste disposal, but changes must be implemented in the everyday activities of on-site disposal at sites such the Beetham landfill.

“I am not satisfied with the day-to-day management of the landfill,” Singh said. “In fact, it leaves a lot to be desired.”

Singh said, however, that the need exists for massive increases in recourse allocation for companies like Swmcol and for the area of waste management as a whole, including the treatment of sewage.

“In terms of a point of disposal, we only have State facilities,” Singh said.

The landfill, which Singh said reached its full carrying capacity since 2003, is managed by the Solid Waste Management Company Limited (Swmcol). He said the whole concept of sold waste disposal in Trinidad and Tobago must be re-evaluated--including from household sources.

The time has come for T&T to modernise its waste disposal habits, Singh said, starting with the streamlining of garbage from the source.

“The society is generating considerable amounts of waste,” he said.