Saturday, January 20, 2018

Minister wants Duke jailed for contempt of court

Labour Minister Errol McLeod is pursuing contempt proceedings against Duke and is asking the Industrial Court to have him “committed to prison” for viola­ting the injunction ordering him not to take industrial action. 

According to the document filed by the claimant, the Minister of Labour is asking that Duke “be committed to prison for contempt and abetting the breach of the order” of the Industrial Court given on July 3, 2014, “by calling out and/or instructing staff employed at the Immigration Department at Frederick St, Port of Spain, and San Fernando to sign in and leave their jobs without working and by telling them that the office is shut down until whenever”.

McLeod is also asking that Purdy Babwah, a member of the Public Service and a public officer at the Immigration Division, who failed or refused to work on certain days, be committed to prison for breaching and/or disobeying the injunction.

He is asking the court to find the PSA, acting through its president, guilty of contempt of court for breaching the injunction.