Thursday, January 18, 2018

Minister: Top class facility for the socially displaced

THE CENTRE for the Socially Displaced (CSDP) in Port of Spain is to be transformed into a "top class" modern facility, announced Social Development Minister Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh.

He was speaking at a press conference on Wednesday at his ministry offices on St Vincent Street, Port of Spain.

He said while the Society of St Vincent de Paul, which runs the centre, has done "yeoman service" they want to get a more sustainable approach to the new facility. He reported that the long term goal was to turn CSDP into an "appropriate shelter in terms of a country of our standard".

He said the improved shelter should house 400 residents and include general kitchen, common room, dining room, toilet and bath, family rooms, store rooms, psychiatric clinic, general clinic, pharmacy, gym facility, computer room, occupational therapy, meeting rooms and personal lockers.

"Some one joked that it is almost like a Hyatt, but (it will be) an appropriate facility," he added.

He added that the ministry was also preparing its own facilities and the Piparo Empowerment Centre and the New Horizons, and they were ready to receive about 67 people.