Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Minister appeals to nation: Ensure safety of children

Education Minister Dr Tim Gopeesingh yesterday made a special appeal to the country to ensure the safety of the nation's children. In a media release, Gopeesingh while Carnival is a time for revelry and merriment, he was "duty bound" to issue a call for caution, safety and responsibility in any activity where children are involved.

"Parents and guardians therefore have a special responsibility to ensure that they and heir children obey the laws of the land, respect the law enforcement agents and practice vigilance at all times. Please do not allow them attend any Carnival or alternative event which can compromise their security in any way," he said.

He also asked that younger children be outfitted with name, address and contact number tags and that they are always supervised when attending rivers or beaches.

"Know where they are, who they're with and set boundaries please at all times. You can save your child's life or another person's life with such diligent actions," he said.

Gopeesingh endorsed and reiterated the police advice which asks persons to travel in groups, plan your day: if you are playing mas, where you will eat, what you will drink and have a safe method of getting home.

"If you are taking the children to see the mas, make sure they know some basic facts—your full name, address, phone number. Give them some basic strategy in case you are separated, if you are in a strange place, be alert and aware of who might be around you," he said.

He also reiterated the advice that revellers and audience not travel with more money than necessary and to know their limits for drinking, jumping, going with someone you don't know.

"Do not take risks.Do not accept drinks from strangers and persons with whom you are not well acquainted. Top up your cell phones so that you can make a call in case of emergency. When you are leaving home, ensure that you secure all entrances," he said, adding that persons should be observant when returning home especially at night time.