Monday, January 22, 2018

Minister putting his foot in his mouth

PNM chairman on highway extension report:


lauds pnm victory: Franklin Khan

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PEOPLE'S National Movement (PNM) chairman Franklin Khan yesterday criticised Works Minister Emmanuel George for his haste in speaking about a report on the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway to Point Fortin.

Earlier last week, George said he had seen the unsigned report and said it "brings good news to the population in that it indicates that the highway should be built".

The Highway Re-Route Movement's Dr Wayne Kublalsingh rebutted those comments, saying George was citing a single line in the report's executive summary and not the actual detailed findings of the group.

Khan, who spoke to reporters following the PNM's general council meeting at Balisier House in Port of Spain yesterday, said he, too, did not want to comment on the report because he had not seen it.

But he also accused George of "putting his foot in his mouth".

Khan also lauded the party's recent victory in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) elections, during which the PNM defeated the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) by a 12 to zero margin.

Khan said the PNM understood Tobago and the sentiments of its people, saying this was the reason they granted the Tobago arm of the PNM full autonomy in handling the affairs of the elections and even the choice of candidates chosen.

Khan said knowing how Tobago felt, they took a hands-off approach during the THA election, and although at times the party's political leader, Dr Keith Rowle,y was present on the island to offer his support during the lead-up to the elections, he spoke on the campaign trail only when he was asked to do so.

"So we would just like to offer congrats to the candidates for the PNM in the THA election," Khan said.

He also announced the party will be placing its constituents in election mode with regard to the upcoming local government election, with its first meeting scheduled for February 26 at the Hi-Lo car park in St Augustine, followed by another meeting on March 5 in Point Fortin.