Saturday, February 24, 2018

‘...Ministry limited on how it can aid battered women’

THE Ministry of Gender, Youth and Child Development is limited in how it can assist in protecting women from domestic violence, but it can help vulnerable women cope with relationships.

This according to Minister Clifton De Coteau who said there were two main programmes in place to assist men and women with emotional issues.

He was speaking during post-Cabinet meeting yesterday at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital, San Fernando.

Of the 198 homicides recorded this year up to Tuesday night, 16 women have been killed, most the victims of domestic violence.

The latest was Mayaro mother of two Orpha Hackett, 23, who was chopped to death on Monday, hours after she obtained a protection order from the court, preventing her abuser from coming close to her.

De Coteau said of the killings: “Clearly some people just cannot handle situations.”

The ministry’s two main programmes were “Divining Masculinity” and “Women in Harmony.”

The Ministry’s parenting programmes were also designed to assist persons with relationship problems, De Coteau said.

De Coteau said more social workers were assisting persons in need and he reminded the public that there were several hotline numbers victims can call to get counselling and other forms of help.

He said the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the People and Social Development were working together with his ministry to lend support to men and women facing those issues.