Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Soca Monarch’s songs most played in the big people party yesterday


HANGING WITH THE PM: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar, centre, who returned from China on Sunday, joins Soca Monarch Machel Montano, left, and Islandpeople bandleader Dane Lewis yesterday on Park Street, Port of Spain. See Page 4. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE

Mark Fraser

Machel Montano’s—“Ministry of Road” dominated the downtown judging point yesterday as band after band used it as their song of choice to parade before the judges.

From as early as 11.15 a.m. yesterday the bands Bliss and Harts crossed the downtown judging point to Montano’s Ministry of Road and by midday masqueraders from the large band Tribe made their way across the South Quay judging point, ending their trek across the stage around 12.20 p.m. 

Up next was the small band Passion Mas whose band members quickly made their way across the stage, to the Ministry of Road, leaving behind about a 20 minute lull in activities as the small number of spectators gathered at the Lord Kitchener Stand on South Quay waited with baited breath for the next band to make its way across the stage. 

At exactly 1 p.m. large band Legacy brought the judging point alive once again, with its portrayal of Nature’s Touch—A tribute to Brian MacFarlane, their masqueraders also crossing the judging point to Montano’s Ministry of Road.

As Legacy left the stage, several mini bands and their individuals performed before the judges including a white bat and several minstrels who made—Ah Pee Protest. They were followed by a midnight robber who preceded the original jab-jabs who swung and cracked their whips before the judges.

Medium band Kettle Mas and large band Islandpeople whose masqueraders were held back for a good 10 minutes to allow for the individual performances yesterday, mainly paraded in their traditional Monday Mas attire of vests and shorts.

However, there were a few masqueraders in between who also wore their head pieces although there was no separation or distinction between sections as all the masqueraders from Islandpeople meshed into one yesterday chipping, dancing and waving to the beat of Ministry of Road. 

Rosalind Gabriel and Village Production brought splashes of beautiful, vibrant colour to South Quay as her little masqueraders dressed in full costume consisting of colour wheels and red and white hearts paraded before the judges in a Festival of Colour.

Several individual portrayals followed including a tribute to Nelson Mandela and a mini band portraying Dog Warriors in the Fancy Indian category all of them quickly crossing to Montano’s—“Ministry of Road”.