Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ministry: Less but reliable water supply


on the job: Minister of Trade, Industry and Development Vasant Bharath, right, has the attention of Minister of the Environment and Resources Ganga Singh, left, and Tobago Affairs Minister Delmon Baker during yesterday's post-Cabinet meeting at the Prime Minister's office in St Clair. —Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

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The Ministry of Water Resources and Environment has done the necessary homework to prepare for the ten-day period during which the desalination plant at Point Lisas will be shut down, Minister Ganga Singh said yesterday.

However, he announced that the water supply in a number of areas will be affected. He said the shutdown of the desalination plant will take out 30 million gallons of the total 224 million gallons of potable water produced daily.

The minister said 196 million gallons will be available. He said there was a plan to supply a "continuous and reliable supply of water" to domestic and industrial consumers. The shutdown will be from January 15-24. The areas to be affected are mainly south and central Trinidad.

Affected areas in the North will be Champs Fleurs, Quarry Drive, Mt D'or, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz Old Rd, Saddle Road, San Juan, Cascade and Morvant.

Singh said they currently receive a 24/3 (24-hour supply on three days a week) or 24/5 supply, but would receive a 24/2 or 24/3 supply during the ten-day period.

Affected areas in South and Central will be Caroni/St Helena, Cunipia, Las Lomas, Chaguanas, Edinburgh 500, Carapichaima, Claxton Bay, Pranz Gardens, Plaisance Park, Caratal and St Margaret's.

Those areas currently receive water 24/5 or 24/7, but will receive a 12/7 supply during the period of the shutdown.

Areas in south-west Trinidad to be affected are Cocoyea, Corinth, Ste Madeleine, Barrackpore, Rochard Rd, Reform, Mon Stewart, Penal, Debe, Diamond, La Fortune, Woodland, Gulf View, La Romaine, Phillipine, Palmiste, Duncan Village, Rousillac, La Brea, Sobo, Union Village, Vance River, Square Deal, Vessigny, Siparia, Erin, Robert Hill, Avocat, Fyzabad and Thick Village.

Those areas currently get a 24/4 or 24/5 supply, but will receive a 24/2 or 24/3 supply during the shutdown, Singh said.

Affected areas in the South-East will be St Julien, Hindustan, St Mary's, Buen Intento, Piparo, Mayo, Tableland, Malgretoute, Princes Town, Rio Claro, Tableland, Brickfield, Tabaquite, Ben Lomond, Williamsville, Cunjal, Barrackpore and Moruga.

Those areas currently get a 24/5 or 24/7 supply, but will receive a 24/3 or 24/5 supply during the shutdown.

Though Point Lisas, which normally gets all its water from the desalination plant, will be affected, the Point Lisas Industrial Estate will continue to receive a 24/7 supply.

Singh said of the 30 million gallons supplied by the plant, 19 million normally go to the Point Lisas Estate and 11 million to the system.

"It is really the fact that Point Lisas is absorbing this amount of water from the public water supply because Desal cannot supply it in the ten-day period. Remember the whole idea behind Desalination (plant) was to supply the estate," Singh said.