Saturday, February 17, 2018

Missing man found dead on beach


Found dead: Randir Ramkissoon

Donstan Bonn

A father of one, who was reported missing three days ago, was found dead on a beach in Los Iros, near Cedros yesterday.

Randir Ramkissoon, 39, walked away from his home and his family after complaining that he was frustrated on Tuesday.

He told his mother, Girlin Ramkissoon, that she would never see him again. But Ramkissoon's four brothers immediately mounted a search for him.

His brother, Barry Ramkissoon, visited the Express south bureau yesterday seeking the public's assistance in finding him. He said his brother became unemployed five weeks ago, after the DVD club he operated closed for renovations.

The family's search took them to the south coast where Ramkissoon was found lying dead on a beach around 4p.m. His older brother, Navin, said Ramkissoon's body was discoloured and he was naked.

"We are not sure what happened. I cannot tell whether he committed suicide or not. We will have to wait for an autopsy to determine that. By the looks of it his body may have been here since yesterday," he said.

Ramkissoon lived at Agapito Trace, Santa Flora, with his wife Diana and their 11-year-old son.

Barry Ramkissoon said his brother was in a taxi when he stopped at their mother's home and asked for $20. "She gave him the money and he talked to her a while. He usually confided in her. He told her she will not see him again. She is distraught," he said.

Ramkissoon was seen walking along High Street, Siparia on Tuesday afternoon.

His brother added, "We were very, very close. It is really sad that I will not be seeing my brother every morning. He lived two houses away and I saw him every day before going to work."

Cedros police are investigating.