Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mobile library coming to La Brea

A MOBILE library will soon be rolling into La Brea to act as a substitute for the damaged library building in the district, which was closed in December.

The National Library and Information System Authority (Nalis) issued a press release this week apologising for any inconvenience as a result of the library’s  closure since last December.

The La Brea Public Library  was forced to cease operations due to a fire last Christmas. 

The release states: “In addition, the structural integrity of the building is compromised due to deep cracks in the walls and is deemed to be unsafe for the staff and public.”

Diane Simeon, director of Public Libraries Division, said reports have been submitted  regarding works on the building at Newlands, La Brea.

“In the interim, we want to provide a mobile service on a Saturday for the residents of La Brea. I have  been liaising with the MP (Fitzgerald Jeffrey) for the area to assist us. We have identified a spot and I have to get back to him to confirm whether or not we can do so,” said Simeon.

 “We have looked at other areas, we have been searching for other accommodation, but we have not been successful, so in the interim we are going to provide a mobile library service,” she added.

Councillor for Brighton/Vessigny Gerald Debesette  said at least 300 persons would use the library on a regular basis, not just to read and borrow books but also to use the internet.

He said they would welcome any measure to assist residents, but more communication was needed from Nalis.