Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mom, 15, murdered


PREGNANT AT 14: Aleah Cain, 15, who was murdered in Belmont on Tuesday night. She was the mother of a month-old baby girl.

Mark Fraser

A 15-year-old mother was gunned down as she walked with the father of her one-month-old daughter in Belmont on Tuesday night.

Aleah Cain was shot dead by a gunman at Belmont Circular Road just before 11 p.m.

Mother of the murdered teenager, Lauren Cain, said yesterday she would raise her granddaughter “at the end of the day, that is my child. (Aleah) made that child for me and she will be accepted because I love her”.

Lauren Cain spoke to reporters at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday.

Police said a car stopped near Aleah and her child’s father, Odel Charles.

One man got out of the car and opened fire, hitting Cain several times about the body. Charles was not struck.

The killer sped off in the vehicle.

When neighbours heard the gunshots they called the Belmont police who took the injured teenage girl to the Port of Spain General Hospital where she died while undergoing surgery.

Up to last night the police were unable to determine why Cain was shot.

Her mother Lauren did not know either.

She said her daughter became pregnant at the age of 14. She said she was initially angry with her daughter but stated, “I was there with her but it didn’t make no sense putting her out.”

She explained that her daughter hid her pregnancy for months.

She said there was also a police investigation into her daughter’s pregnancy as the hospital automatically notified the authorities about the under-age girl delivering a baby in December last year.

“Yes, there was an investigation. The police came home by me many times and I was supposed to go back to the police station too, but I just never got the time because I was working and I never pursued it because we just didn’t know where the fella was.”

She said: “Now he end up back in Belmont and home by me because right now he have the baby.”

She said she now described her granddaughter Sophie as “my child”.

“She make that child for me so just how I mine and treat all my kids, (Sophie) will be accepted and I love her, I love her.”

Lauren Cain said Aleah was going to the St Martin’s High School for girls and it closed down.

“And I had her home and I got her to do some lessons by a place right in Jerningham Avenue in Belmont but due to that she end up pregnant so she didn’t get a chance to go do anything.”

She added: “At the end of the day that’s my child and I don’t care what nobody has to say because people will have things to say but I don’t care because at the end of the day that’s my daughter.

“I have my pain to go through but God is the boss and God will give me the strength and everything...I don’t care what people say. I can’t describe how I am feeling now. I am angry and I am hurt and my heart broke in two when I heard my daughter got killed. I’m angry. Too much innocent people losing their lives for nothing. She was not in no gang or nothing.”

Homicide Bureau officers are continuing investigations.