Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mom cries out to know Jaya’s killer

Pundit urges mourners to let nurse’s death bring change

REHANNA DUBAY held a photo of her daughter Jaya Dubay-Ramrattan during her funeral service yes­ter­day and begged to know who murdered her child.

On Thursday, Dubay-Ramrattan’s decomposing body was found in the trunk of her Hyundai Elan­tra car, which had been parked for days at a car park on the compound of the San Fernando Gen­e­ral Hospital.

The nurse was strang­led and beaten to death.

Dubay-Ramrattan, 32, of Penal, worked at the St Ann’s Hospital for the past ten years and, also, at a private hospital in Coco­rite.

A close male relative who was assisting police in their investigation was released on Friday.

Her husband, Rishi Ram­­rattan—a former po­liceman—had told officers he last saw Dubay-Ram­rattan at her home on January 23.

She was preparing to leave for work and he went to bed, he said. 

He told investigators that the next day, he re­ceived a text from Dubay-Ramrat­tan, telling him she was going to lime with other nurses. 

He was unable to con­tact her after several days, and last Wednesday, he went to her workplace. 

He said co-workers told him she had not re­por­­ted to work for days. 

Ramrattan told police that on Wednesday, he also went to the St James

Police Station to report Dubay-Ramrattan mis­sing

but was directed to the

Bar­­rackpore Police Sta­tion.

Dubay-Ramrattan’s car had been towed to that station around 4 a.m. on Thursday after one of her relatives saw the vehicle near the Accident and Emer­gency Department of the San Fernando hos­pital and told other family members.

Crime scene investi­gators (CSI) discovered Dubay-Ramrattan’s body as they examined the vehicle in Barrackpore.

An autopsy found 

she was strangled and suf­fered cerebral cranial trau­ma. 

At the funeral service yes­terday, in Clarke Road,

Penal, husband Rishi Ram­rattan held the couple’s only child as he sat near the coffin bearing his wife’s remains.

At the end of the ser­vice, Ramrattan, who was

being supported by rela­tives as he walked out of the yard, pulled away and quickly made his way to the hearse as it was driving away.

He held on to the back of the vehicle and cried.

During the service, Dubay hugged and kissed the picture of her daughter placed on the closed coffin and repeatedly asked, “Who do this to you?”

Dubay also lost her hus­band two months ago.

Pundit Kiran Maharaj called on the hundreds of mourners, who included Dubay-Ramrattan’s col­leagues, to let her death bring positive change.

“I pray God’s blessings upon us all that this sit­u­ation will at least change our lives in some way or the other for the better. This death should be an awakening to all of us as to the consciousness within us to be better. For us to want to be better for ourselves and for those that are there beside us.” 

Dubay-Ramrattan was cremated at the Shore of Peace, Mosquito Creek, La Romaine.