Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mom finds metal screw inside bar of chocolate

 A Siparia mother wants to find out how a metal screw ended up inside a bar of chocolate she purchased.

Lee Nakhid, a businesswoman, said she was awaiting a response from Charles Candy, a subsidiary of Associated Brands Industries Ltd (ABIL).

Nakhid said she was relaxing with her family on Sunday evening when her daughter offered her a chocolate bar.

“My daughter is a lover of chocolates but she gave it up during the Lenten season. We have a lot of chocolates in the refrigerator at home and my daughter ask me to have one. I was relaxing in the porch and I decided to have the snack. I bit down on the chocolate and felt something hard,” she said.

Nakhid said she was horrified by what she found inside the chocolate.

“I couldn’t believe what I found. The metal screw was baked inside the chocolate. My daughter could have swallowed that screw and would have been in the hospital now,” she said.

Nakhid was also concerned that the bar of chocolate might have been  contaminated by the metal object. “I ate half of the chocolate. Does this mean that I have whatever substance that screw is made of inside of me?”

Nakhid took photographs of the object in the chocolate and posted them on the Charles Chocolates Facebook page.

“They removed the photos and contacted me. The company apologised for what happened and asked to pass and pick up that chocolate and the screw. They offered to give my family a hamper. I told them that I cannot accept that and I need to make the public aware of this,” she said.

ABIL’s managing director Nicholas Lok Jack said the report would be taken very seriously. He said the company was examined and met all requirements of the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) last year. 

Lok Jack said metal detectors were installed in all lines at the chocolate factory. “So we are concerned where this object came from. But to give a full report we will need to get the product and do testing to determine whether or not it came from our lines. We are very concerned and this will be taken seriously,” he said.

ABIL is a leading manufacturer and distributor of snack foods, chocolate confectionery, biscuits and cereals in the Caribbean.