Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mom in Facebook beating: I didn’t abuse her

Helen Bartlett, the mother who beat her 12-year-old daughter on Facebook, told i.95.5 fm news yesterday she would be ready to face whatever action the Government or law wanted to take against her, if it came to that.

“I know that the government is trying its hardest best to show no nonsense and no tolerance, but as I said off air, I really do expect it and I will embrace it, I will wear that bracelet as a badge of honour for my kids,” she said. And she added, “I will go to jail and sit down proudly, knowing that my 12-year-old daughter, even the 10-year-old coming up, did not bring shame and bring a child for me at 15 or 12 or 16.”

Bartlett said she hoped the beating would make children who used Facebook for those purposes understand the consequences of teenage pregnancy. 

She said she was against teenage pregnancy.

“I do not believe in that. They are not ready to raise a child. Look someone was telling me of a 15-year-old girl who is pregnant and her mother is not standing with her. Her mother told the authorities she is no longer capable of raising that child and today that 15-year-old is raising a child in an institution. We are gifts from God, you understand, Jesus came here and walked the road for us to follow and they prosecuted him and I will take that cross for my kids,” Bartlett said.

She also responded to those who saw the punishment she meted out to her daughter as abuse.

“I would say we don’t really know what is abuse. I grew up where my mother used to cut my tail and still put me to kneel down and hold a stone on a grater. I do not see it as abuse. My daughter is not suffering. She has no injuries. She is of sound mind, she has no injuries, she has a roof over her head, she is well educated.

Asked if she had expected the Facebook posting would go viral, Bartlett said no. And she said she did it as a last resort after being unable to contact the parents of two boys with whom her daughter had been sharing inappropriate texts, in particular one of them. 

“I tried to reach out to his parents, when that failed I decided to deal with my daughter. When I saw the text, I told her I would cut her tail before school opened, so she would remember.” 

Bartlett said she also wanted the boys to see the punishment that had been meted out to her daughter.