Friday, February 23, 2018

Mom, lawyer visit Morvant station

Video of boy beaten with shovel


HIDING HER FACE: A woman covers her face as she leaves the Morvant Police Station yesterday after speaking to officers investigating a video circulating on social media depicting a woman beating a child with a shovel. —Photo: STEPHEN DOOBAY

Mark Fraser

A MORVANT mother who was allegedly seen in a Facebook video beating her son with a shovel went to the Morvant police yesterday with her lawyer.

The woman arrived at the station  accompanied by her attorney Orrin Kerr between 2.10 and 2.15 p.m.

She arrived in a small white-coloured Honda station wagon and was wearing a khaki camouflage blouse, a pink hoodie and a pair of acid-wash jeans. She spent more than an hour in the station being questioned but, according to attorney Kerr, she has not been charged.

“She is not in custody at all but she is speaking to the police,” said Kerr as he reversed his car out of the police station’s car park.

Minutes later after he drove out, the woman was placed into the back-seat of a marked police SUV and whisked out of the station. The police did not say where they were taking her.

 The video began appearing in the news-feed of Facebook users last week and several people commented on how shocked they were over the act and called on the police to investigate.

The child was accused of harassing his sister while she (the mother) was out. He is seen pleading with his mother not to hit him with the shovel as he tries  desperately to wrestle free from her  grip.

On Saturday Morvant police began investigating the video and on Sunday evening the police spoke with the alleged beater and the boy.  

Police said when investigators asked the boy if anything had happened between himself and his mother recently, he said no. The officers then asked him if he wanted anything for his birthday and the teenager told the officers, “Just lots of hugs and kisses from my mom.”

The woman, sources said, is in her early 30s and a single mother.

When questioned by police at the weekend, she too denied being the subject of the video. She also told investigators that there are several videos on the Internet and she was not the person in the video that the officers were referring to, and she did not wish to answer any further questions unless an attorney was present. 

The video, which is four minutes 37 seconds long, depicts a woman dressed in blue jeans and white jersey with black stripes, hitting a child with a shovel about his body as he lies on the ground screaming for the ordeal to be over. 

In the video, the boy even picks up a chair to try and defend himself as the woman violently swings the shovel to hit him. The woman also repeatedly hurled obscenities at the child, cursing him as he tried to defend himself. 

Among the statements she made were:

“I’ll kill you down eh! You feel you bad!?”

“You want to see blood spill here today?”

“Go and sit down there before I buss up your head with that shovel.”