Sunday, February 25, 2018

Mom of missing teen to spend day in prayer

 The mother of missing Nicole Jaggan will not celebrate Moth­er’s Day with the usual excitement at her home this year. Instead, today, she will fast and pray for the teena­ger’s return.

Viki Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her Mother’s Day will never be the same again. 

“I cannot celebrate Mother’s Day without Nicole. Last year, we had a wonderful day. We went to church and when we came home, we had a feast for dinner. All my children were around me and we were so hap­py. It is not the same this year; Nicole is not here. I will fast and pray for her to return,” she said.

Three months ago, Jaggan— who turned 19 in March—van­ished without a trace.

Her family celebrated her birthday with a crusade, praying for her to return home.

“I woke up that day with a boiling belly. I would have bought a cheesecake for her. Her

father would have given her money and gold. And we would have gone out as a family. We held a crusade, begging God for guidance,” her mother said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said she was disappointed with the police’s response to her daugh­ter’s disappearance. 

“We are trying to gather infor­-

mation and when we tell the police about it, they seem to be not interested. I don’t know if they have already made up their minds about what happened. But I know if my daughter ran away from home, she would have surfaced already; someone would have seen her and told us. But we haven’t heard any­thing,” she said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her husband has returned to work as a farmer and market ven­dor. She remains at home, wait­ing for the teen to return. 

“I sit by the window, waiting. I wake up in the night and run outside, hoping I will see her walk­ing in. But nothing. I can’t take this anymore. It is the most painful thing I ever experienced. We checked every avenue. We checked friends, relatives, every­one. No one has seen Nicole,” she said.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her three younger children are no longer allowed to go out by

themselves. “We are afraid some­-

­one will take them,” she said.

Jaggan of Suchit Trace, Penal, was last seen on February 10 when she was dropped off by her mother near their home to get a taxi. 

The teenager was dressed in a red jacket and blue jeans—the uniform she wore as a pupil of a beauty school on High Street, San Fernando. 

She had started travelling to San Fernando on her own only three weeks before.

Her family contacted her friends on Facebook and on the telephone, but no one said they had been in contact with her.

Her family and friends have handed out missing persons’ flyers across the country. 

Penal police and the Anti-Kid­napping Squad have been working with the family since she went missing. 

Officers said yesterday there were no new leads in the case. 

Anyone with infor­ma­-

tion can contact the Penal Police Station at 647-1233, or the family at 757-3012, 473-3947, or 770-7731.