Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mom to collect Hummingbird­­­­­—Silver

He drowned after saving 2 children


hero: Nicholas Seucharan, who drowned after rescuing two children at a beach off Guayaguayare Main Road.

Mark Fraser

The mother of Nicholas Seucharan, who risked his own life to save two children from drowning last March, is pleased that her only son will be honoured posthumously with the Hummingbird—Silver at the Independence Day Awards on Sunday.

But Pramatee Seucharan’s secret desire was to one day open her eyes and see her son’s smile.

 Her wish is to be able to hear her son’s voice and caress his face again.

Seucharan said she was informed by President’s House on Monday that her son, who drowned after pushing the children to safety, will be honoured for gallantry.

“I am grateful that my son will be honoured, but it does not really change the hurt and pain I feel each day when I wake up hoping my son is here with me. He was my only son and he assisted us financially and in everything else,” she cried.

Seucharan, 47, said she will journey to Port of Spain on Sunday to receive the award from President Anthony Carmona at Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s.

“This is going to be very difficult for my family. But I am going to accept this award on behalf of my son for the good deed he has done. I raised my two children to be good adults. They are helpful and I always remind them to be good to people,” she said.

Seucharan, of Alleyne Road, Tabaquite, cried as she spoke about her sleepless nights.

“My husband and I think about our son all the time. We have many sleepless nights, we don’t eat sometimes when it is unbearable. We cannot seem to get over this tragedy,” she said.

Seucharan said her son was determined to rise above poverty. He was employed as a mechanic technician at Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) and planned to pursue a degree in electrical engineering. He was not married and had no children.

Seucharan closed her eyes and recalled the day her only son was taken away from her. 

The tragic incident occurred on March 3, Carnival Monday, at Indian Bay off Guayaguayare Main Road.

 “I remember every detail. It is still clear in my memory. My daughter was involved in a serious accident in St Lucia and had to undergo a surgery the next week, so Nicholas got up that morning and asked everyone to go to the beach so Nisha (his sister) can relax before the surgery,” she said.

Pramatee  said her son was a very helpful person who never turned his back on others. And when he saw two young children in difficulty, Nicholas ran to their aid. 

“I was sitting with my daughter when I saw Nicholas running breathlessly. I got up and went towards him because I knew something was wrong. He ran to his van and got a piece of rope. He threw his keys to me and said he was going to help two children who were drowning. I didn’t think he was going in the water because I knew he could not swim,” she said.

Seucharan said she began praying for someone to rescue the children.

A police report stated that around 4 p.m., Nicholas was playing cricket on the beach when a woman from another group began asking for help to save two children, 11 and eight years old, who were being pulled out to sea. 

Seucharan said her son-in-law, Luke Sahadeo, a diver, spotted his brother-in-law floating in the water and waded into the sea and pulled him to the shore. 

He performed CPR for several minutes and then the unconscious man was taken to Mayaro District Health Facility. He was pronounced dead on arrival. 

Seucharan said she was proud of her son’s heroic actions, but she was sad that he was unable to fulfil his dreams.

“He had a lot of big dreams and goals. I wish he could have been able to fulfil them,” she said.