Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Mom treated for hypertension

The stress of her baby’s death has taken a toll on Quelly Ann Cottle, who went to a hospital yesterday to be treated for hypertension.

On Carnival Saturday, Cottle’s baby died during a Caesarean section after a junior specialist cut the head of the foetus, penetrating the brain tissue.

Cottle told the Express she wanted to have her son’s funeral yesterday, but could not do so until the final autopsy report is issued. A preliminary report was released last week.

Cottle said yesterday she was not feeling well and went to the Sangre Grande hospital, where she was given medication and sent home.

Chairman of the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) Dr Shehenaz Mohammed told the Express the pathologist, Chunilal Ramjit, requested more time to complete the final autopsy report, given the circumstances of the baby’s death.

Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan said yesterday he was working on getting the independent team together to investigate the baby’s death.

Khan said he wants to ensure this team was totally independent and follows the orders of none.

The family has retained the services of attorney Colin Selvon.

Selvon told the Express it was not satisfactory that a final autopsy report had not yet been completed.

He said he spoke to hospital officials, who said the report would be ready by Friday.

“The family is anxious to bring closure to this whole tragedy. We cannot have the burial done without having the final take on what the autopsy says,” he said.

Selvon said he may have to put pen to paper and apply some “pressure” to ensure there was no further delay in getting the final report, as the family wants to bury their baby and say their goodbyes.

The doctor who performed the C-section has been suspended with basic pay pending the outcome of the independent investigation.