Saturday, December 16, 2017

Mom to know her fate today for beating daughter


CHARGED: Gabrielle Emptage

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A DECISION is expected today in the trial of Gabrielle Emptage, the woman charged with beating her ten-year-old daughter.

The case was heard by San Fernando Magistrate Lisa Ramsumair-Hinds.

Emptage testified on Wednesday that she hit and squeezed the child's mouth and hand, because she was disobedient.

When asked by Court Prosecutor Gordon Maharaj if she may have injured her child in anger, because her daughter went to the home of her (Emptage's) mother's house, despite being forbidden to do so, Emptage responded "How she (the alleged victim) was reacting (when held), possibly yes, by mistake."

She also testified that she was unsure if the child had got the marks from her, or if it happened on the field trip she attended around the same time.

Emptage was charged by Detective constable Parveen Rajkumar that on October 12 and 14, she wilfully assaulted the child in a manner causing unnecessary suffering and injury.

Emptage, who has two daughters, said she would usually discipline them by preventing them from going out to play, and purchasing snacks, and she would also "scold" them.

She said she did beat the child that day, but it was not with a broomstick as the girl had testified but rather with the plastic handle of a scoop.

The girl, who gave evidence on Tuesday showed marks on her neck and hand.

Emptage's mother also took the witness stand on that day testify against her. Emptage said she and her mother "don't talk" and she believed her mother had a negative influence on the children.

Emptage called her cousin, Malica Harewood, as her lone witness.

Defence attorney Shaun Teekasingh then made his closing submissions saying, "It may be a situation where this scenario was blown out of proportion."

Police prosecutor Gordon Maharaj expressed shock that Emptage has made her child go through the judicial process to then say that she did not injure the girl.

He also said Emptage had contradicted herself in her testimony.