Monday, December 18, 2017

Moonilal: No damage to Govt

Jack Warner’s financial dealings

Housing Minister Roodal Moonilal does not think that revelations about Jack Warner’s  financial dealings published in the Sunday and Monday Express are damaging to the Government and party.

Asked to comment yesterday, Moonilal said: “I have seen in the newspapers matters concerning Mr Warner that are dated prior to 2010, (it dates back to) 2006 involving his connection with football. And these are matters that have already been in the public domain. I prefer not to comment since they are matters concerning Mr Warner’s personal and professional work, prior to entering into Government. And I prefer not to make conclusions based primarily on newspaper reports,” he said. 

Asked if he believed that the revelations were damaging to the Government, Moonilal said, “No, no, I don’t think so at all. That is Mr Warner’s private business before he entered Government. And these are newspaper reports and newspaper conclusions. And Mr Warner and/or his accountant may wish to comment on those things”.

A special investigation by head of the Express Investigative Desk, Camini Marajh, detailed (among other things) the contributions made by various corporate entities amounting to approximately $205.6 million for the Warriors to the Local Organising Committee (LOC), chaired by Warner. The investigation found that $100 million appeared to have gone missing based on the  financial statements of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF).

On St Joseph MP Herbert Volney choosing 34 as the number for his new Audi,  Moonilal said,  “Volney had a ‘very morbid sense of humour, but a sense of honour nevertheless’.” 

Volney, who was fired over the Section 34 fiasco has said that 34 is his lucky number since it brought him true emancipation. He said he baptised his red Audi PCY 34 so that it would be a remembrance of the courage of his conviction.

On Volney’s statements that he was finished with the People’s Partnership, Moonilal said Volney was a “mercurial character”. “Tomorrow I am sure he will embrace us all as he normally does, in or out of jeans,” he said, chuckling. It was a reference to that fact that Volney attended Parliament last Friday dressed in jeans and jacket, an unusual attire for MPs  who are expected to wear business suit (not casual wear).

Moonilal said Volney has been writing on the blogs about the importance of servicing constituencies. He has made the point repeatedly that the Government must  provide goods and services to the constituencies. 

“I imagine he meant that if Government failed to deliver on the  goods and services, then those constituencies can revert to the PNM. And later on in the week I intend to meet him as I usually do for a cup of coffee at his constituency office and we will discuss (the issue) further,” he said.

Volney has reportedly stated that if the Government continues on its current path, the People’s Partnership would lose the East-West Corridor constituencies.