Saturday, December 16, 2017

Moonilal: Volney has more to say

LEADER of Government business Dr Roodal Moonilal said yesterday he believes fired minister of justice Herbert Volney has much more to reveal about the controversial Section 34 issue.

Moonilal said while he stands by the decision taken by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to retract Volney's appointment as a Government minister, he thinks what Volney has to say on the matter is "significant".

"I think Mr Volney will want to speak more on that issue," said the Minister of Housing, Land and Marine Affairs.

On Thursday, Volney, member of Parliament for St Joseph, held a press conference at his constituency office in Mount Hope and said he wanted to be reinstated as Minister of Justice.

Volney also called for the removal of Roger Gaspard as Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Moonilal said yesterday: "If the DPP had information eight or nine months before (the premature proclamation of Section 34) and Mr Volney claims that the DPP did not act, then that is significant and I would want to hear more from Mr Volney on that."

Moonilal said the rehiring of Volney as Justice Minister was a matter for the Prime Minister. "Mr Volney has made his point of view. I prefer to leave it like that. I have the impression that he has much more to say. So I will sit by and listen to him. He is entitled to ask to be reinstated if he believes that he did nothing wrong. It's not for me to support or not to support, these are decisions taken by the Prime Minister," said Moonilal.

On the call by Opposition Leader Dr Keith Rowley to President George Maxwell Richards that he should take Persad-Bissesar to court if he is unsatisfied with her response to his (Richards') request for more information on the Section 34 issue, Moonilal said that Rowley's call was "sad".

"Dr Rowley has a deeper problem. He does not appreciate and enjoy Christmas. This is a time for Christmas—enjoyment and family. Every year he is rejecting hampers, quarrelling with somebody. I want to appeal to Dr Rowley to enjoy the season. It's really sad that the Opposition leader would make such a call," said Moonilal.