Saturday, December 16, 2017

More braille books coming

FOR the first time this year, the Ministry of Education will be working together with pupils from the School for the Blind in Santa Cruz to translate textbooks into braille.

A ministry spokesperson told the Express yesterday that although some text books were available in the language designed especially for blind people, measures were in place to have a wider circulation.

Shamika Henry, a legally blind person who aced her Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations this year, said one of her problems was accessing books in braille.

The ministry official told the Express: “The Text Book Distribution Unit of the Ministry of Education has books in circulation. It is in the system. 

“However, they are deepening the system. They are working on a process with the Blind School to help them translate to make the circulation wider.”

The official added: “Also, they have  been increasing the prints. There are others who would have been complaining over a period of time that the prints are too small. 

“They have done quite a lot of that already, increasing the physical print in the book so persons who have visual challenges can see the print better.”

Principals can request books in braille from the ministry if a pupil is in need, the Express was told.

And although it will cost the ministry more money to have more textbooks in braille and in larger print, “the cost does not matter because there is a need”, the official said.

The new schools being constructed are being designed to make mobility more easy for people with difficulties such as the inclusion of ramps and additional railings, the official said.   See Page 8